Step 2: Get tools

Tourism Career Samplers and Survival Kits are created by teachers for teachers to provide students with job-ready skills.

Tourism Career Samplers

These career exploration tools simulate a day in the life of tourism occupants allowing participants to make informed career choices and obtain the skills necessary to be a part of the industry immediately.

Tourism Survival Kits

These instructional resource books are chock full of practical information and learner centered activities. They are quirky, fun, unique and loaded with information.

Tourism Certificates

Each Tourism Career Sampler and Survival Kit comes with a FREE interactive participant workbook your students can complete activities, make notes, and complete quizzes right inside. ADDITIONALLY, each student receives a completion certificate!

Step 3: Follow guides

Follow easy-to-use, step-by-step interactive activities with instructions while students complete their workbooks

Step 4: Hand out certificates

Step 4: Hand out certificates

Each guide & kit comes with 20 personalized certificates for each of your students! Simply send us their names and completion status and we will send you official teaching tourism certificates!  

The Team Behind The Dream

Leslie Robinson, MA (Adult Ed)

Leslie Robinson, MA (Adult Ed)

I was a tourism professional for over twenty years, working as a travel agent, tour operator, tour guide, and tour director. I helped pioneer the National Occupational Standards, certifications, and training programs in both Canada and Australia.


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