Teaching Tourism

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Created by Teachers for Teachers

As teachers, we work with tight budgets, short timelines, and many demands on our time. We are also passionate about teaching so our students really learn and together we work to make this world a better place.  Teachers asked us to create the Tourism Career Samplers and Tourism Survival Kits for them.  We used their feedback to make these curriculum packages for YOU!

  • Adventure Tourism
  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Front Desk Agent
  • Heritage Interpreter
  • Local Tour Guide
  • Special Events
  • Tour Director

Schools and national organizations requested the secrets of our Tourism Career Samplers BEFORE our first pilot class!  In fact, we ran a pre-pilot and a pre-pre-pilot! Our objective is always to give you the tools, information, and steps to create real life, real time practical skills and learning experiences for your students without breaking the bank or your back.

Order now and your prep is done!

Engaging and practical for students

Tourism Career Samplers are terrific curriculum packages that allow students to confidently answer the question, ‘do I really want to pursue this career?’  Students follow along in the matching Participant Workbook.  They role play their chosen careers by helping clients, giving directions, checking into a hotel, navigating a cave, solving problems, preparing tour guide presentations.

All scenarios are based on real life situations and your students will learn tourism lingo like the difference between adjoining and connecting rooms in a hotel. Additionally, the skills highlighted are practical applications of globally recognized National Occupational Standards.

At the end, your students receive a completion certificate preparing them for immediate job placement.